The Control Room

grabar - mezclar y masterizar en Santiago de Compostela

The control room is 25 square meters large with daylight and an enjoyable working atmosphere. The acoustic design is based on the non environmental concept and complies with the EBU recommendations (tech 3276) for maximum neutrality and dynamic in the assessment of any audio material. At the core of reproduction are the Carvalho Audio MM-12 three way main monitors. These high fidelity reference speakers are flush mounted in a massive concrete front wall. Near field monitoring is available via Yamaha HS80 and Mixcubes from Carvalho Audio.


DAW & Interface

  • ProTools HD 2019
  • Cubase Pro 9.5
  • Hofa DDP Master
  • RME Fireface 800
  • Apogee Rosetta 800
  • RME ADI-2


  • 1x Avalon VT-737SP
  • 2x Tejuca Neve 1073
  • 2x Warm Audio WA12
  • 1x Sound Skulptor MP566 Tube
  • 2x TL Audio M series
  • 1x JoeMeek ThreeQ
  • 1x TL Audio Ivory 5050
  • 8x Midas XL48
  • 4x RME FF800


  • SPL Mixdream
  • Radioman SSL Bus Compressor
  • Lindell Audio 77X-500
  • Roland Space Echo RE-201
  • Sound Skulptor LA502 Optical Compressor
  • TL Audio FatTrack
  • 2x DBX 266XL

“Bungalow Studio is one of the best options for the world of audio engineering in Galicia. All of our joint productions were a 10/10.
Recordings, mixes, touring and live sound… tremendous in every aspect. Full on quality!”

Carlos Lopez – artist, producer, promoter, CEO JazzActivist

The Studio

grabar - mezclar y masterizar en Santiago de Compostela

The live room provides a size of 24 square meters and daylight. The acoustic behaviour is variable by means of curtains and mobile acoustic panels. So it is possible to get an open and natural room sound, for instance when tracking rock drums and guitars, or transform the studio into a dry space when recording vocals.



  • 1x Schoeps MK41
  • 2x Akg C535
  • 1x Shure SM7
  • 4x Gefell UM70, M94, M93
  • 2x MBHO KA400
  • 2x Beyer M88
  • 4x Revox M3500
  • 1x Rode K2
  • 6x SM57
  • 8x SM58
  • 3x MD421
  • 2x D112
  • 1x e901, beta91
  • var. DIs de Radial


  • Batería: 1965 Premier Elite Series (Caoba)
  • Bajo: Kaway Pasive RB 51P
  • Contrabajo: Palatino 3/4 con cuerdas Presto Nylon Wound, Previo: Shadow Rockabilly
  • Guitarras: Grestch 6120, Peavey Rockinham, Paul Reed Smith EG4, Fender Standard Stratocaster, Yamaha Pacifica Standard
  • Doepfer PK88 Masterkeyboard
  • Korg Microkorg


  • 1967 Fender Super bassman (modificado con 6V6 power tubes+ master volume)
  • Fender Frontman 112 Head - 100 Watt, Solid state
  • Harley Benton VT30 - Head - 40 Watt (4 x EL84)
  • pantalla 2 x 12" Celestion V30
  • Harley Benton VT30 - Combo - 40 Watt (4 x EL84) 2 x 10"
  • Ampeg Portaflex PF500, pantalla Kustom DE 115 300 Watt @ 8 Ohm

“The high degree of definition in the mixes and the aesthetical coherence along twenty years of mutual productions are simply astonishing. The fantastic sound quality and the technical knowledge of the Bungalow engineers transform any artistic performances into outstanding and everlasting documents.”

Oliver Schwerdt, CEO Euphorium Records

euphorium records

Recent Work


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